Our garden is lush and abundant, full of life and energy. It really is a place to reset, rest and regain energy.
Lying in the grass in the sun or making a BBQ with friends. Baking pizza in our pizza oven or climbing the mulberry tree to pick berry’s.

We have a wonderful mulberry tree. At the moment it has thousands of berry’s and they are delicious. They are sweet and juicy.
The first batch of mulberry jam is already finished, and i have to say it is delicious! This week i will make another load of jam, this one will be for our guests to try out.
You can also pick them and mix them through the yoghurt in the morning, or just as a sweet snack. Be careful with your clothes though when you pick them, they make big red stains that are difficult to get out.

There is also an apple tree, the branches are hanging low from the weight of the apples. Just a little longer before they will be finished.
Once they are ripe i will make apple compote and dried apple rings. You are welcome to come and try 😉

There is so many little corners in the garden that you and your family enjoy enough privacy. Every apartment has it’s own private terras and these terrases are linked to the main garden. There is an outside shower for general use to wash of your sandy feet when you return from the beach.

Our garden needs a lot of water in the dry Portuguese summer climate. Luckily we have the fortune of having a well on the land. We pump up the water from here and therefore are able to give our garden plenty of water. And have our water fountain run whenever we want.


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