Praia da Bordeira
Praia da Bordeira on The Rota Vicentina Hiking Trail

From our guesthouse there are many trails and  hikes to do. Nature starts right  outside the doorstep. There are some amazing places to discover close by. 

The most  famous trail is the Rota Vicentina. This  goes all the way from Santiago do Cacem to Lagos and  passes not far from Casinhas da Figueira. Mostly by the sea, the Fisherman’s Trail travels along the trails used by the locals to access the beaches and fishing grounds. It is a single track walkable only on foot, along the cliffs, with lots of sand and therefore more demanding from a physical point of view. A challenge to permanent contact with the wind of the sea, the rudeness of the coastal landscape and the presence of a wild and persistent nature.

You will find the trail when you walk from Casinhas da Figueira towards Praia da Figueira. The signs are blue and green. Once you find the signs you can either turn right to go in the direction of Sagres or turn left to go towards Salema. 

Check their website for more information. 

seguir (Follow) – não seguir (Don’t Follow) – esquerda (left) – direita (right)

Another beautiful hiking trail close by  is the Via Algarviana. The nearest section is from Vila do bispo until Sagres, it is 16,4 km.This sector of Via Algarviana is located in the heart of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Nature Park, one of the most beautiful and valuable protected areas in the country. Along the route you will find several species of flora that are endemic to the area, unique coastal landscapes and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot some rare, iconic local birds, such as the redbilled chough (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) or peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus).

The biggest difference between the two trails is that the via algarviana is more inland and does not pass  any beaches. 

Visit the website for more information.