Salema is the nearest village from Figueira. Easy to find and just a 5 min drive from our guesthouse.
Out of the front door you turn left, on the main crossing you turn right. After about 100m there is a road to the right with a sign saying: “Salema”. Follow this road over the hill and you will reach the centre of town automatically.

Salema is a small village on the beach. This village has all amenities available.
Including lovely restaurants, some souvenir shops, supermarket and a lovely calm easy accesible beach. Enjoy a lovely pizza at Pizza Mobile or a more traditional dish at Boia restaurant. The beach in Salema is quite long and has nice golden sand. At both ends the beach is interrupted by the cliffs rising from the sea. In the western end of the beach you can find a big, flat yellow rock with footprints from a dinosaur. Perfect beach to enjoy a carefree time with children. Accesible by wheelchair as well.

On the corner of the boulevard in the shade, are usually some Portuguese fishermen. Enjoying the view and resting for the next trip.
This village still has fishing boats launched from the beach by a tractor, and there is always a helping hand to handle a boat when needed.

The village square is next door neighbor to the Atlantic sea.
If you go left up the narrow Rua dos Pescadores, you see the old part of the village with the small white washed cottages and cobbled streets. On the right hand of the square you find the newer part of Salema.

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